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Best Financial Advisor – Now Offering Fracture Cover!

Best Financial Advisor – Now Offering Fracture Cover!

fracture cover

A must for the self-employed & active. Best FA advisors can offer cover up to £6,000 per year for as little as £6.50.

Safeguard yourself from injuries such damaged bones, dislocations, tendon ruptures, as well as tendon splits with fracture cover.

Based on what you provide for a living any sort of injury could possibly keep you off help numerous weeks and even months leaving you without earnings or simply standard unwell pay. By adding fracture cover today you can shield on your own against any one of these possibilities by offering you a round figure payment to assist relieve your economic worries permitting you to concentrate on your healing.

Injury dependent you can claim up to ₤6,000, or if you have the misfortune to have numerous injuries after that you can claim numerous times each year up the sum of ₤6,000.

Best Financial Advisor insurance experts all come with advice guarantees and a free no obligation pension consultation, all it will cost is around an hour of your time.

For more information on specific injury payments please see our graphic, or

call us on: 0131 564 0678 or visit our fracture cover page for more information.

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