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Financial Advisors – Common Myths Busted

Financial Advisors Myth Busters

Financial advisors

The 5 BIGGEST Myths of Using Financial Advisors!

Starting today with the most popular myth – “Financial Advisors are only for the wealthy.”

...Which of course is false...

• You don’t need millions in the bank or a big property portfolio to get all the benefits that financial advisors can provide

• Young or old, single or married, saving or no savings, most people can benefit from financial advice

• Financial Advisors can help you plan for the future including retirement, set financial objectives and plans for you and your family, investment opportunities or enhancing existing portfolios and a lot more

Financial advice is good in all situations

Myth Number 2 – “Things are going fine, so I don’t need financial advice!”

...Which of course is false...

• Seeking financial advice when your financial situation is good, can potentially turn a good situation a great one. Financial advisors can put strategies and plans in place to help you maximise your wealth

• Financial advisors can help with future planning, and insurance to protect you and your family from any circumstance which life throws at you. As you know never know when the good times can end

• If you already have a great plan and strategy in place then it does no harm getting confirmation of it with a free no obligation financial advice consultation

financial advice benefits all ages

Myth Number 3 – “Financial advice is only for people just about to retire”

...Which of course is false...

• Financial advisors can help you with their expert advice no matter what stage in life you are at. They can also help you get the most out of your finances even if you are decades away from retirement

• Financial advisors can help you put together personal strategies and plans for your finances, and the earlier you start with these the more likely you are going to benefit from them in the future

• Starting to put some salary away early in life can make a significant difference to the quality of life you’ll have after work in later life

financial advisors provide the most suitable products

Myth Number 4 – “Financial advisors just want to sell their own products”

...Which of course is false...

• Our Financial Advisers compare a variety of products from multiple financial organisations before any advice is given

• Dependent on your circumstance and situation, our advisors will only match you with the most suitable products available in order to help you achieve your financial goals

• Every financial product that we advise and match you with comes with an advice guarantee, so you know you are in safe hands

financial advisors can help sort current finances

Myth Number 5 – “I need to sort out my finances first before seeking financial advice”

...Which of course is false...

• A free no obligation financial planning appointment can be set up in minutes for a time, date and location that suits you

• No matter your financial situation, our advisors will take the time to sit down with you and learn about your circumstance and goals, then let you know what information is required going forward

• Sorting out your finances, whilst also seeking financial advice can be greatly beneficial. One doesn’t have to come after the other

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