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Protect Your Finances With Income Protection Insurance

Plan For The Future With Any Eventuality In Mind

income protection

Plan for the future with any eventuality in mind. Secure you and your family's financial future today, for even the worst case scenarios.

Depending on your age and lifestyle, you can get £20,000 worth of life or critical illness cover for as little as £9 a month.

Sometimes referred to as lifetime health insurance) is a fixed term insurance package income protection insurance is intended to support you if you are unable to function because you are sick or wounded.

This means that you get to earn a steady salary until you retire or can return to work.

Please bear in mind that income protection insurance is that it is not the same as critical health insurance, which pays a lump sum if you have a particular serious illness.

It is not the same as short-term insurance, which often pays out a recurring amount linked to the salary, but usually over a fixed time span which is usually only up to 5 years and may encompass less diseases or conditions.

One million workers a year are unable to work because of a serious illness or injury.

If you have kids or other dependents, it should not matter – illness or injury could mean you couldn't pay the bills, so you should consider taking out insurance for income protection.

If you are self-employment or working, you wont any sick leave to fall back on, you would most definitely require it.

However you would not require income protection insurance if:

You could be getting by on your sick pay. Or if you have an annual insurance plan that offers you income for over a year.

You could survive on the benefits of government.

You have ample resources to support yourself. Please bear in mind however that your savings have to see you through a long period of time.

Early retirement is an option that you can take. If you are nearing retirement you may be able to accept early retirement. You could be allowed to take your pension early if you can not return to work.

The premiums you pay each month completely depends on your circumstances and also the policy you choose.

Covering a wide range of situations and illnesses income protection insurance can potentially be paid out over multiple years.

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