Is It Worth It To Get A Financial Advisor?

Is It Worth It To Get A Financial Advisor?

It might seem contradictory to share well-earned money to pay for expert advice, but there are many aspects to consider and compare.

A Financial Advisor can enhance personal savings, organise tax bills, assist with career changes and advise on mortgages to buy a new house. Hiring them can be a sound investment, potentially saving their client more than the £150 (on average) fee that they require.

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Here are some key examples of areas where their guidance is worthwhile investing in:

1. Boost savings – Making personal investments can be risky without understanding key processes within the financial industry. To avoid mistakes, especially in unpredictable circumstances like a market crash, Financial Advisors can offer clients their professional knowledge and specialist tools to avoid making unwise decisions, even during volatile situations. They will specifically match the client’s investment portfolio to their own goals and risk tolerance.

2. Family tax advice – Financial Advisors can provide expertise to assist clients in structuring their savings and provide advice regarding pensions, especially with reference to tax breaks. This provides a level of wealth and inheritance tax protection for clients and their family’s legacy.

3. Funding goals – To ensure stability in a family’s finances, Financial Advisors can be consulted around the client’s life objectives, including getting married, having children, and funding education. They consider the client’s hopes and goals, including protection for the next generation in the event of redundancy, a loss or unexpected illness.

4. Relocation advice – Whether the client is moving house, either nearby or abroad, there are many financial implications to consider in advance. Financial Advisors tend to work with planners to provide mortgage and deposit assistance. If the client relocates overseas, advisors can help in negotiating to rent properties and negotiate international taxes.

5. Employment and career changes – If the client requires support in changing career, Financial Advisors can provide strong advice in self-employment finances (and the complexity of them), self-employment insurances, fluctuating incomes, starting a new company and long-term business goals, especially if based on a lower income.

From launching a new business to leaving a legacy for their family, clients can be fully supported with knowledge when making big life decisions. The experienced advice Financial Advisors can offer should prevent any confusion or pitfalls in the big decisions that the client may have to make.

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