What Does A Financial Advisor Do?

What Does A Financial Advisor Do?

A Financial Advisor is an experienced expert in the industry who can offer financial and investing advice. They provide guidance and coaching, helping to create strategies to avoid financial risk, and offer advice on how to build wealth moving forward to reach an individual’s own financial goals.

Financial Advisors offer an extensive range of services, but some may work specifically in one major area, such as financial coaching, investment, tax, wealth managing, and financial planning. They provide a high level of knowledge within these categories and explain the in-depth information to avoid any confusion for their client within the process.

To hire a Financial Advisor, it is advisable to research how much it will cost in advance. The fees vary and individual advisors may charge in different ways (for example: fee-only, fee-based or commission-based). Some may charge a percentage based on the assets they manage on their client’s behalf. These can range from 0.5% to 2%.

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Here are some specific areas in which Financial Advisors provide service:

• Mortgages - Mortgages Advisors assist clients in creating a personal plan to either buy first time property, expand their property portfolio, or to resolve any other property issue such as re-mortgaging.

• Health and Senior Care - Financial Advisors provide options and explain the important information regarding long-term care insurance. There are many plans available so the advisor can provide advice on which would suit the client personally, based on their affordable and medical facets.

• Estate Planning - Wealth Managers tend to work with lawyers who are also well-experienced with estate planning. Working together, they can help clients construct a will, arrange the right life insurance, and develop a long-term plan to protect their assets (businesses, properties, etc).

Retirement - Pension Professionals assist in building the client’s own wealth and advises on how to protect it for the future for when they reach retirement. They aim to personally understand the client’s projected financial requirements and provide a strategy to expand the client’s savings.

• Inheritance - Wealth Managers and Financial Coaches advise on tax when the client may receive an inheritance. They impart knowledge on how to use the funds and the tax implications involved. Financial goals and strategies may have to be changed over time but these professionals can provide clear guidance when needed.

• Tax Planning and Investments - Tax Professionals break down the bulk of information when it comes to taxes, and how they may impact the client’s investments and finances. Investment professionals can provide advice on mutual funds that are most pertinent to their client, showing the best ways to manage and provide the best outcomes for their personal investments.

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