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    Pension Advisors

    Pensions and Retirement Planning

    If you are 45 or over and have not had an financial advisor or specific pension advisor review your pension then you could be potentially losing out on an additional £157,500+ during your retirement!

    That may sound like a big number, but a major study of retirees showed that those who sought financial advice prior to retirement benefited by an additional £7,000 per year during retirement on average, this is a huge difference and shows the clear benefits that seeking financial advice provides.

    Why should you start thinking about your retirement plans now?

    How can Best Financial Advisor, expert pension advisors come to your aid in this regard?

    Let’s find out more about these below.

    Pension Advice

    Our pension advisors will give you pension advice on all relevant topics.

    This even includes financial aspects such as the effects of inflation, even though it feels small on a short-term basis, can turn out to be significant over the course of a couple of years.

    Especially when you consider that most of your expenses will remain unchanged even after retirement, for instance, you will still have utility bills, groceries, and other payments to make.

    Our expert pension advisors will help create a good retirement plan tailored to yourr circumstance which will take into account the inflation to make sure that you are financially secure no matter the inflation rate.

    Experienced Pension Advisors

    Of course, you can read up about pensions, pension schemes, and other retirement planning information and do it all yourself, alone, but the responsibility of an pension advisor is not merely telling you which pension scheme to choose and where to invest.

    Your financial obstacles could potentially be greater in the future, and the issues will not be limited to pension administration. Having only your savings in the bank may no longer make the cut. You will need to think of ways to make the most out of the means in your hand, and a pension advisor acts as your guide in that regard. Whether it is reviewing your old pensions or finding out the best insurance plans, the advisor will ensure that there are no financial bumps along the way.

    There is also a lot more to it than just reviewing pension schemes, for instance, your Best Financial Advisor pension expert can cover a lot of areas with you such as pension transfers, pension reviews, access and tax free cash, ISA allowances and much more.

    Pension Transfers, Pension Reviews, More...

    There is a wide range of services that your Best Financial Advisor - pension advisor can offer, which make them an invaluable asset for your retirement plans. Our pension advisors will:

    • Help you find out the amount you need for retiring and set benchmarks for your savings.

    • Carry out pensions reviews and suggest the best scheme to meet your future needs.

    • Balance your investment portfolio and focus on creating a long term financial strategy.

    • Manage your expenses before and after retirement.

    Pension Experts

    The Best Financial Advisor, pension advisor who looks after your retirement plans is not just concerned about how well you live after retirement. It’s also a part of their responsibilities to ensure that your family is financially secure with all their needs met.

    In fact, with a great advisor by your side, you can even plan in a way that you have something to leave for your children and grandchildren.

    So contact Best Financial Advisor today and let an expert pension advisor take care of all your financial planning, allowing you to ease into a life of retirement.

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    At Best Financial Advisor, all our financial advisors are experts with many years of experience under their belt. Furthermore the suitability of the advice they give when recommending any wealth management products is guaranteed.

    This quite simply provides you with reassurance and peace of mind when planning your financial future.

    Please also remember that there is absolutely no obligation that you have to use the services of any financial advisor we match you with after you have had your free initial consultation.

    Pension Advice

    Local Fully Regulated Pension Advisors.

    Whether you are planning for your retirement or you are already retired, get in touch with Best FA today for a 100% free no obligation pension consultation with one of our local experts.

    Make sure your getting the most out of finances and your financial future is secured.

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      How Can I get Free Pension Advice?

      A lot of people are often confused about what they should do with their pension. Mistakenly they also only start thinking about retirement planning and their pension when they are approaching their 50s.

      The reality is that the sooner you start planning for your retirement the better it is, and that a place where you can get FCA regulated free pension advice is Best Financial Advisor.

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      How Much Should I Pay for Pension Advice?

      The right pension advice can help you get the most benefit out of your retirement. You should consider seeking an FCA regulated financial advisor to get the best pension advice.

      How much will a financial advisor charge? You have to wonder whenever you decide you want the services of one.

      Financial advisors can charge anywhere from a commission to a starting fee of £200 upward depending on the kind of advice you are looking for. Pension advice fees are usually on the higher end.

      Click here for more information on how much should I pay for pension advice.

      Do I Need A Financial Advisor For My Pension?

      It is easy for most people to see financial advice as an unnecessary expense when handling their pension. Whether you are just getting started in your career, almost retiring, or already retired, a good financial advisor can help you grow the value of your pension portfolio.

      You can decide to manage your pension yourself. If you decide to go down that route, you have the flexibility to hold different investments in your pension portfolio. You need to be able to mitigate the risks that come with the investments you go for.

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      How Much Does Pension Transfer Advice Cost?

      As recognised pension experts many of our clients come looking for advice when decide to transfer defined benefit pensions. They come seeking advice as the process is complicated, despite the fact transferring pensions is expensive, it has numerous financial benefits.

      You need to work with pension advisers to ensure the complicated process runs smoothly. The transfer could simply be done between employers are on retirement you might want to move your pension pot into a different form of investment.

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      Should I Cash In My Pension?

      Nowadays, when pension planning it's important to know that you can take as much from your pension pot as you want once you reach the age of 55. UK government intensity increases to age 57 after 2027. Any withdrawal before that will likely result in harsh penalties.

      For making any decision about whether you should cash in your pension, it's important to get pension advice in advance.

      Click here for more information if you are thinking should I cash in my pension??

      What Is A Reasonable Fee To Pay A Financial Advisor?

      Getting retirement planning advice could mean the difference between just surviving or being able to live comfortably in your golden years.

      I know this may seem overly dramatic, but pension advice can really pay off, not only does it provide you with peace of mind it can help ensures that the funds in your workplace pensions are working as hard as you are.

      How much you pay for pension or financial advice we're vary greatly on the structure of your finances and the level of expertise of the retirement planning expert you're talking to.

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      What's The Best Thing To Do With Your Pension?

      When it comes to retirement planning talking to a pension advisor will help you navigate the complex nature of pensions, including the rules, fees, benefits, risks, and tax issues, that impact how you can use your pension pot.

      Pensions are complicated and deciding what's the best thing to do with your pension is not something you should do without seeking help from pension advisers.

      Click here for more information on what's the best thing to do with your pension?

      Can I Retire At 55 With 300k?

      If you talk to any pension advisor when looking for advice about whether you can retire with 300k worth of savings at the age of 55, they will probably tell you that you can.

      Some people do manage to retire at 55 with 300k in their have savings account. But they're probably not just living off that pension pot, they may have other sources of income or other assets that provide them additionally finance they're also probably living very frugally.

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