How Can I Get Free Pension Advice?

How Can I Get Free Pension Advice?

A lot of people are often confused about what they should do with their pension. Mistakenly they also only start thinking about retirement planning and their pension when they are approaching their 50s.

The reality is that the sooner you start planning for your retirement the better it is, and that a place where you can get FCA regulated free pension advice is Best Financial Advisor.

Best Financial Advisor is a financial advice company, that puts the best financial advisors at your disposal. The sections below will explain how you can get Best FA’s free pension advice. It is a step by step guide on how you go about getting the pension advice you need. Before we get to the process, let’s discuss how pension advice can help you.

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Free Pension Advice

There isn’t anywhere better to get financial advice than from pension and retirement experts, and Best FA can provide you with the services of them for free. Our financial advisors offer people pension advice with the objective of ensuring they get the most out of your retirement.

Best Financial Advisor’s free pension advice is accessible via our website. You can explore the various options listed and decide which one would work best for you. The best thing is that the cost, potential benefits, and tax implications of each of the options are clearly explained.

Pension Advice can also help you with the following;
• Help you understand the various channels through which you can access your pension.
• How much you’ll need to save in order to reach your retirement goals.
• Help you understand the factors you should consider when deciding which channel to use, and what to do with your pension money.

The website and information on it are freely accessible to all. The goal is to help you prepare for your retirement with the most suitable pension plan for you.

Along with the free advice on the website, you have the option of booking an appointment with one of FCA regulated financial advisors. You can have a face to face meeting or over the phone conversation with the expert, and they will offer you the guidance you need.

how can i get free pension advice

How Do You Get Your Free BFA Pension Advice?

BFA offers you advice from FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulated pension experts. We’ve already mentioned above that they have elaborate descriptions of different pension access channels on the website.

Visit here and explore the various options described there. You can also call 0131 564 0678 if you need to set up an appointment with a pension advisor.
If you decide to book an appointment with a pension advisor, you need to ensure you are fully prepared for the meeting. You need to ensure that it addresses all your concerns.

How to prepare for your free pension advice consultation?

You need to have the following on your fingertips or written down, by the time you get to the meeting.

• Try to have an idea of the figure you want to achieve in retirement, whether it be a monthly financial figure or a yearly financial figure. We use these goals to put together a retirement plan to get you there.

Also you we will need to explore your financial situation as it plays a significant role when you are deciding what to do with your pension money.
How much money do you have currently? What are your living costs? How much is your income? Do you have any debts? These are some of the aspects of your financial situation that you should explore.

If you already have a pension whether it be a private personal pension or a workplace pension

• You need to know the rough value of your pension pot. You also need to ask your pension scheme whether there are any special features and/or guarantees affecting your savings. Your pension scheme can provide a statement and an up-to-date valuation of your pension pots.

• You might have lost track of your pension pots. You can check out whether you are on any pension schemes on The Pension Tracing Service. It is a government service that allows you to trace your pension pots.

• If you’ve worked with the government or you are eligible for State Pension for one reason or the other, you need an estimate of the value of the State Pension. You can visit and retrieve your state pension statement.

Best Financial Advisors pension expert will take you through all the important aspects of planning and also accessing your pension money. They will discuss with you your medical and health history, how you want to receive your money while in retirement, and other issues surrounding your pension.

Your health issues and financial situation can give you better pension income while in retirement. The pension advisor will advise on what to do to receive your pension income the way you prefer. Some people want small sums while others want to be paid a lump sum.

The appointment will also explore any benefits you might be receiving currently, and how your pension payments are going to affect those benefits.

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